How to choose best Application Performance Monitoring Tools

28/12/2013 12:09

Tools and processes are responsible for monitoring and managing performance of software applications. Application Performance monitoring tools help to alert IT staff to troubles in quality of application to end users when accessing dangerous applications.               

The Application Performance Monitoring tools require an ability to see an application and its dependencies, collect information on normal operations, perform real-time analysis to detect inconsistency, and do diagnostics to determine what can be done to correct what's gone wrong. No systems perform all functions completely, despite bringing some new strength to the process.


Before choosing application performance monitoring tools for your network, you should ensure about your requirements and application monitoring tools.  

Things before choosing application performance monitoring tools:

Trial: -

First of all you should check whether performance tools provide trial or not. Help of trial version of the Application Performance Monitoring tools, you can judge tools whether it is perfect for your network or not.  You can get features like how to use that tool and basic information of that tool by help of trial version. Without take trial version of that you can’t judge tool.

Review: -

You should check review of that tool online before choosing.  Using review you can get ideas about the tool and customer satisfaction. So I think you should read review of application performance tools before choosing it.


Technical Support: -

You should check whether they solve your problems or not at the time period of trial. You also check whether they provide 24 by 7 technical supports or not.  This is also important factor for emergency technical support.


Customer speaks:-

You should check how many clients pay for this product. This helps you to know about how much corporation use this tool. If any big corporation uses this tool than we understand that tools will useful for us.


Price: -

You should also considered price of application performance monitoring tools. You should differentiate price between all other performance monitoring tools and choose best one which complete your necessity. Price is not much essential but in enterprise level, price is important.

I hope this information is helpful to choose perfect application performance monitoring tools for your enterprise. If you have any suggestion please write on comments.